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  • I've been exhausted with searching all over the internet to find reputable sources that can identify products that are truly GMO free, organic, or all natural. I like to know I am providing foods that are safe and healthy for my children. Scouring labels at the store with three kids in tow is impossible. To find a site like this is certainly a dream for a time-pressed mom like me. –Tracy, York, PA

  • I struggle with a gluten allergy and I find it nice to know that there is an online tool that is at my fingertips that I can refer to when I am looking for foods in my area that meet my special dietary needs.–Beth, New York, NY

  • My twins boys have have several food sensitivities. Because of this, I have fallen into the habit of buying a limited variety of breakfast and snack foods for the family. This site has given me the courage to step outside of my grocery shopping habits to try new foods that meet our needs.–Donna, Standish, ME

  • We have been trying to eat healthier since our children were born. It is time consuming and frustrating to find foods that we want to buy and want to feed our kids. This website makes it easier to quickly plan my weekly shopping. Yay!–Martina, Lancaster, CA