About Us

We founded greenestbeans.com because we wanted more control over the foods and products we buy for our families, our pets, and ourselves. We come from very different backgrounds, and lead very different lives, but we all found it incredibly difficult to unearth information that was important to us. The more we talked with others, we realized we were not alone. We decided to marry our technology, marketing, project planning, web design, client management and product management skills with our desire to buy local, go gluten-free, avoid GMOs, find toxin-free cleaning products, feed our pets real food, and embrace many other healthy attributes. We built greenestbeans.com to fill an information vacuum for ourselves, and we’re delighted to share it with you.

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Our Mission

Our mission is simple – we make it easy to find healthy food and safe products for you and your family, pets included. Whatever your reason for choosing certain foods and products – medical issues such as allergies and dietary protocols, agricultural issues impacting our planet, or simply a desire to live more naturally – we want to put helpful information at your fingertips. We are committed to working with every provider in the food chain, from the smallest locally sourced provider to the largest global producer – to give you the choices you deserve when making buying decisions about foods and products for your family.

Meet The Team



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Cheryl Phillips-Day


Growing up in the computer science field, I left corporate America to work in startups. I have had the pleasure of helping colleagues start and operate companies in the financial services, communication and insurance industries. Throughout this progression, I have kept my eye out for opportunities that could simply make life a little easier for people. An outing with a friend of mine who is challenged by food sensitivities awakened me. Further research and conversations with hundreds of people convinced me that countless households share the challenges I face buying food for my family. I heard it over and over – if you have specific nutritional needs or desires, there is no simple way to match those needs to specific products and where they can be purchased. Greenestbeans.com emerged from the belief that the consumer should have power at her/his fingertips to find the foods they want quickly and easily.

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Edie Rossborough


I have spent the last several years working part-time while raising four children and volunteering with two local non-profits. During that time my focus on feeding my family healthy food (that they will enjoy eating!) has increased. While we eat better today than we did five years ago, we still have room for improvement. I often head to the grocery store with good intentions of buying healthier foods but end up pulling the same old things off the shelf. As a fan of anything that streamlines making better choices for my family, I was intrigued when I first heard about greenestbeans.com. Once I was invited to be a part of the greenestbeans.com team I immersed myself in searching out foods with various attributes to include on our website. I was amazed at the variety of wonderful food choices offered both locally and nationally and I am excited to be able to bring those choices to my family and others.

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Alison Linsley

SVP, Sales & Marketing

I am fortunate to have had a an interesting, multi-faceted career path that led to management positions in marketing, customer service, client services, program implementation and strategic planning. The majority of my career has been in financial and information services, though I have also owned a small business (a thriving gourmet shop), provided business counseling for women entrepreneurs in Maine, and was on the ground floor of several startups. Before it was widely recognized as necessary to extend the life of our planet, I was an active recycler and environmentalist…and pleased to be considered a “tree hugger” by my family. I am also one of many people who have restricted diets, understand the difficulties in finding foods that meet a complex set of criteria and am thrilled to provide you with a tool that simplifies your search for healthy foods and household products. I continue to be a passionate advocate for healthy living, sustainability and local food, and am constantly inspired being a part of greenestbeans.com – a company that will change many lives in a very positive way.

What Consumers Are Saying About greenestbeans.com
  • I've been exhausted with searching all over the internet to find reputable sources that can identify products that are truly GMO free, organic, or all natural. I like to know I am providing foods that are safe and healthy for my children. Scouring labels at the store with three kids in tow is impossible. To find a site like this is certainly a dream for a time-pressed mom like me. –Tracy, York, PA

  • I struggle with a gluten allergy and I find it nice to know that there is an online tool that is at my fingertips that I can refer to when I am looking for foods in my area that meet my special dietary needs.–Beth, New York, NY

  • My twins boys have have several food sensitivities.  Because of this, I have fallen into the habit of buying a limited variety of breakfast and snack foods for the family.  This site has given me the courage to step outside of my grocery shopping habits to try new foods that meet our needs.–Donna, Standish, ME

  • We have been trying to eat healthier since our children were born.  It is time consuming and frustrating to find foods that we want to buy and want to feed our kids.  This website makes it easier to quickly plan my weekly shopping.  Yay!–Martina, Lancaster, CA