How to Find Non GMO Pet Food

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Do you choose GMO-free foods for yourself and your family? Many people are taking this choice to the next step, and are searching for non GMO pet food for the furry members of the family as well.

Find healthy and safe foods for your lovey petsAccording to a cover story in the July 2015 issue of PetAge, consumers are approaching pet stores in growing numbers to find GMO-free pet foods. “The Non-GMO Surge” by Rebekah Harrison outlines approaches by various pet food vendors to meet the non-GMO need, as well as insight for pet food retailers on how to deliver healthy choices for pet food buyers. founder Cheryl Phillips-Day is quoted in the piece, offering advice to both pet store retailers and pet product consumers: “The blanket for non-GMOs is that when you buy pet food, look for certified labels of organic from FDA entities. These will not have GMOs in it.”

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