Ode to Grocery Shopping

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Grocery shopping used to be
A mindless quick activity.
I’d push my cart from aisle to aisle,
Grabbing things that made me smile,
I guess I was a bit naïve
But I’ll admit I did believe
That overall our food was safe
And now that thought just makes me chafe
‘Cause when I started learning more
About the food that’s in the store
GMO’s and pesticides,
Unhealthy artificial dyes,
Then grocery shopping ceased to be
Something that was so carefree.
I study now and analyze
At times I even agonize
Over what my family eats
For breakfast, dinner, lunch, and treats.
Not perfect yet, by any means
But oh so happy for greenestbeans
To help me find the food I need
To feed the folks I love to feed.


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