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Happy New Year! As 2014 drew to a close my Facebook and Twitter feeds filled up with talk of New Year’s resolutions. Who was making them? What were they? How did your New Year’s resolution(s) from last year work out? In reading the various posts and poking around online I noticed that the top resolutions seemed to stay the same from year to year. Among the most popular New Year’s resolutions are things related to personal improvement, such as losing weight; exercising more; quitting smoking; drinking less; and eating healthier. While it’s easy to jump into the New Year with optimism about creating new habits to succeed in our New Year’s resolutions, it’s not always easy to sustain that level of enthusiasm as reality intervenes and the struggles we all face daily come into play. It’s tempting to hit that snooze button and grab a little extra sleep instead of waking up earlier to exercise, and when we hit the grocery store it’s much easier to fill our shopping cart with the things we always buy instead of taking the time to find new, healthier alternatives.

While we at can’t help you get out of bed earlier, we can help you improve your shopping habits. Whether your New Year’s resolution involves eating more of certain types of foods (organic, kosher, or gluten free, to name a few), avoiding foods containing certain attributes (such as GMO’s, high fructose corn syrup, and/or artificial dyes), or just eating healthier overall, we can help. Simply visit our search page and enter the product type and item that you’re searching for, the region you live in, and the product characteristics you desire, and will return to you a list of items that meet your needs. If you have created an account (a quick and easy process!) you can either save your search for future reference or click on the shopping cart icon below the item you wish to purchase to generate a printable shopping list.

Experts agree that the easiest way to ensure success when making New Year’s resolutions is to be realistic. If you never exercise, don’t set out to exercise two hours a day. The same idea applies to eating better. If you’ve been buying the same GMO containing, high fructose corn syrup filled granola bar for ten years, don’t go to the grocery store uninformed about healthier options. Spend a few minutes on, find the products you want to buy, make your list, and hit the store. Let help you succeed in keeping your New Year’s resolution in 2015!


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