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When we launched one of our most important considerations was keeping it free to consumers. We wanted to make it easy for people to come to our site, search for the food they were seeking with the attributes they wanted, and leave with some product suggestions. In the interest of keeping things simple we decided to not make it mandatory for people to sign up to use our service. While it is not necessary to join our community or create an account to use, doing so will allow you to better use the site and take full advantage of all the benefits we offer.

Creating an account to join the community is simple. We ask for your first and last names, zip code, your email address for a username, and a password. From time to time we may contact you via email to let you know about a new blog post, a new service we offer, or to ask your opinion about something. If you don’t want us to contact you via email you can let us know and we will unsubscribe you from our email list. We will never sell or share your information.

By creating an account you will have access to services that are not available to other visitors. One such service is the ability to save your searches for future reference. Instead of recreating a search for an item you frequently shop for each time you visit our site, you can save a search to your account so all you have to do is sign in and reference that search whenever you’re seeking those products.

Another benefit recently made available to community members is our new shopping list feature. The shopping list will allow you to select items from your searches to create a list which can be printed or saved for future use. Simply search for the product and attributes you are seeking, and when the results come up you can click on the shopping cart by the product you wish to purchase to have it added to your shopping list. Our hope is that this will allow you to streamline your shopping experience by generating a list from the items you choose from your search results.

More features for community members are on the horizon. Exclusive access to coupons is one such feature that is in the works. In addition, community members can look forward to having access to dietary suggestions made for certain health issues such as childhood ADHD, asthma and ear infections, migraines, heart-disease, Celiac disease and diabetes. Plans are also in the works to add message boards to our site so community members can discuss food issues that concern them, share recipes and product suggestions, or address other food related topics. These are just a few of the great things in store for our community members in the months ahead. So, what are you waiting for? Join the community today and let us put the power at your fingertips to find the foods you want quickly and easily, and more!


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