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Thanks for stopping by greenestbeans.com! We know that now more than ever consumers are faced with food buying decisions that are increasingly challenging. Whether you are looking for gluten free foods, trying to reduce consumption of hormones or pesticides, avoiding genetically modified ingredients, or just trying to consume a better, more natural diet, we know it takes time, dedication and a lot of work to find the foods that meet your needs. That at least was the “before”.

Meet the “after”: greenestbeans.com is designed to be your window into the foods that meet your buying criteria. Our role is not to tell you how to eat or what to eat, but to support you in finding the products that meet the needs you have already identified.

Are you are seeking certified organic vegetables in your local area? We will help you find them. Are you are looking for gluten free ketchup or gluten free cereal? We will identify brands that meet your needs. Organic beers? We can help you find them as well, both locally and nationally. Hormone free, pesticide free, non-GMO? Yes, yes and yes. And because we know your pets are part of the family, we have options for them as well.

Before starting greenestbeans.com, we did some of our own research and we looked at a lot of recent studies on food-buying habits. The trend is clear: we are all trying to eat better. The surprise in this research was how challenging and time consuming it is for consumers to find the products they truly want. Your time is spent reading labels, walking up and down store aisles just searching, talking to friends, reading blogs, researching. Once a product is found that meets your needs, you stick with it. You often dismiss the opportunity to find something better or more affordable or new to the market or closer to home just to not have to spend all that time researching again. With a busy life, you just can’t afford the time to constantly reevaluate your choices.

Greenestbeans.com is here to eliminate that time-consuming researching aspect of making food choices. Our database of products is constantly growing. We are doing the research for you and working with the providers to ensure their products are accurately represented in our database. We are empowering you with quick, at-hand information to find your favorite products as well as new ones in your region and across the nation.

We appreciate your visit to our site. We would love to hear what you think. Feel free to send us your input at info@greenestbeans.com. And make sure you come back soon- we are working hard to make your food choices easy to find!

-Cheryl Phillips-Day, CEO



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